apt-get install zlib1g-dev uuid-dev libmnl-dev gcc make git autoconf autoconf-archive autogen automake pkg-config curl jq nodejs

You can install the latest release of netdata, using your package manager in

      Arch Linux (sudo pacman -S netdata)
      Gentoo Linux (sudo emerge --ask netdata)
      Solus Linux (sudo eopkg install netdata)

One line installation, on any modern Linux system

  (the suggested way of installing the latest netdata and keep it up to date automatically)
   bash <(curl -Ss

(do not sudo this command, it will do it by itself as needed)

Linux 64bit, pre-built static binary installation for any Linux distro, any kernel version - for Intel/AMD 64bit hosts.

   bash <(curl -Ss

(do not sudo this command, it will do it by itself as needed; the target system does not need bash installed, check below for instructions to run it without bash)

Linux, install from source, by hand semi-automatic, with more details about the steps involved and actions taken.


Install from source, on FreeBSD
Install from source, on pfSense
Enable netdata on FreeNAS Corral
Install from source, on Mac OS X

Linux one liner

For all Linux systems, you can use this one liner to install the git version of netdata:

basic netdata installation

bash <(curl -Ss


install required packages for all netdata plugins

 bash <(curl -Ss all